This is the core of what we do. We can advise on deployment or problem solve RouterOS based networks and specialise in creating simple solutions for simple requests that don’t seem so easy to implement using RouterOS.

Advising and consulting on WAN options and upgrade advice for your always connected or high availability needs. We’ve worked with every connection conceivable so are well placed to help you pick your main and even secondary and backup connections.

Whether you are looking at a home or office WiFi upgrade, large deployment or even a PtP link we have years of experience deploying and maintaining wireless links so can guarantee the best possible performance and efficiency from your link.

We have been working with both Windows and Linux web hosting platforms since the very beginning and we are in step with great solutions to your hosting and domain services needs. Why not chat to use about getting your first domain or solutions to enhance your existing one.

If you’re thinking about running a CHR on AWS, self hosting on vSphere or just looking into what they do and why they do it, we can help.